My only remaining friend who had DMD like me died a few weeks ago but i still cannot move past it, im almost 22 now and i dont know why i remain, i wish God would let me die but then id be letting down all who died in lmy place. I have three true friends in life now, im sick and tired of being alone with no one to relate to with regards to disability. ik tired of not knowing who i am i pray to god that he will let me die and be with my friends again every night. i dont know what to live for but i live on so im not more of a disgrace than i already am

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Hello Maria

I am really so sad to know that you have so much sadness in your heart.Please keep believing that our Creator knows why we have to go through what we do every day in our lives.Know that each day that you wake up feeling down,we are together in this, facing DMD one way or the other in our lives.I wish there is more that i could say to relieve the distress that you are going through right now.My son is ten and with DMD,and his first month in a wheelchair left me in a point in my life so low am yet to recover. Please try to stay strong.Will remember you in my prayers.Thanks.

Dear Maria,

You are most certainly not a disgrace. Life is mystery for sure and we all have our own path to follow. You've been given one heck of a burden, but you are strong, you can do it. Your life has become intertwined with ours here on an internet site. We can help you share some of that burden. You help us learn as family members when you share your experiences here so eloquently. Thank you for that, but I think you need to speak with a professional counselor. If you find the right one, it can help immensely on changing your perspective about your life.

My one true friend has bouts of deep depression, and so when she is in one of those times, I am alone in my support for her.  I have a minor disability and disfigurement of my leg, but nothing compared to DMD. I too rail against the inaccessible world I see for you and my son. I try to point out wherever possible the problems of access, say how it could be planned better next time, etc. Take on some little personal causes and try to have some fun with it. Is there a respite care house or some such where you could visit and help cheer up other young people with your smile, or help organize some fun activities or outings? You would make friends in no time.

Maria, I am sorry for the loss of your friends and can only wonder at the depths of your pain. I hope I am not being an annoyance with my words. In trying to avoid such pain, I was ready to drive off a bridge the day my son was diagnosed.And now when I look at his and his brother's faces, I cannot believe I could ever contemplate it.

I wish you all the best,


Dear Maria,

I have been wondering how you are doing and hoping you are feeling better about things.


Keep on trucking. I know what it is to be depressed, but I take it in, and keep moving. God doesn't put anything in our path that we can't overtake.

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