Anyone know of a place to find really cool AFO socks (or socks that will serve the purpose well) for little boys?  My boy will start wearing DAFOs next week, and he is NOT psyched about it. I was hoping to let him pick out some cool socks, but all I can find are just boring solid colors.

Any advice?

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Hi Jackie,

Our orthotic guy gave us a hint: find some really cool, colorfully patterned women's or big girl's  knee-high socks (obviously not feminine, just fun) and cut off the toe (for ventilation). Stripes, polka-dots, animals, etc, and not too tight.

I really hope you get some answers soon. Hang in there.


Thanks-- he picked some out and he's pretty happy about them. Good tip!

I have tried many different socks, but sadly the boring solid color ones work the best.  My son sweats alot at night and I found that girl dress socks work the best.  Any other socks get too wet and he would end up getting athlete's foot. My advice would be to find socks that are very thin.  Hopefully you can find something.  Good Luck.

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