Add your story to PPMDs 2012 Advocacy Effort with a flyer

I will be making the trip to Washington, DC next month to advocate for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I'm from Pennsylvania and to date we only have people from 2 of our state's 19 congressional districts that have registered.
The purpose of this message is to ask some of the Duchenne families who won't be coming to Washington this year to share their stories so that they can make an impact in Washington, home districts, or by email. When we come to Washington in person to advocate, we visit our reps but also pick up some of those from other districts in our states. We also drop off packets in states where no advocate is present. Our efforts will have much more impact if we have a personal story to refer to in the information folder from an actual constituent when we visit district/states other than ours.
Would you be willing to share your story so that we can include it in the packets that we leave with your congress rep? PPMD's goal this year is called the 50 State Challenge -- we want to cover as many of our 50 states and as many of the 435+ districts as possible when we Advocate next month.

I am volunteering to help anyone in preparing a one-page flyer that communicates your story. For more information, to view a sample flyer and to get my email address, please visit the following link:
If you scroll down you will see a subtitle "Personal Story on a One-Page Flyer". To view a sample flyer please click on the link below that says, "Please view on this link to view a sample flyer." A flyer like this is not only effective for advocating with Congress, but can also be used for other fund-raising and awareness activities.

If you would like some help with your flyer please email me to get this started. Please don't delay because we have less than a month before going to Washington and I am volunteering to help with as many as time permits. All you have to do is send me a write-up or just notes of your story along with a photograph. I will design it on a one-page flyer and email the draft back to you for approval. The final copy will be printable for hard-copy (hand outs, letter enclosures) and also can be sent electronically (by email).
When combatting Duchenne it is very powerful to spread awareness by sharing our personal stories and a photograph. People need to know about Duchenne and how it affects our lives. This is very powerful in generating support for our boys.

Gail McVicker

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It appears that there hasn't been any activity since Jan of 2012.  I would like to know if you are still active, Gail, on this site and in your advocacy project. Thanks!

Yes -- I'm happy to help with a flyer anytime.


Hola Gail, ver manos que ayudan es asombroso, y le  agradecemos por su interes! Le estimamos por su voluntad y amor.

Lo que intenta hacer es realmente importante para todos! Por pequeños y sencillos actos el Señor puede realizar grandes milagros!.

Quisiera redactarle nuestra historia como familia, pero somos de Argentina, y no se si a Washington le servirá como para tomar una decisión tan importante. Si usted me da el Ok, le redactare unas lineas y enviare algunas fotos para que tenga exito!.

Aguardare su respuestas.

Mil gracias!, un abrazo!

Familia Reynoso

Gail D. McVicker said:

Sí - Estoy feliz de ayudar con un volante en cualquier momento.


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