Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2009 (ABLE Act)

First glance reading the synopsis of this Act - it seems like something that we as a community should consider advocating for (disclaimer - I'm no financial expert by any stretch...). As a group how does PPMD determine what Bills\Acts to send out to its members for Advocacy? Was this one not considered because of the "Pay-Back" portion of the act?

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It's an interesting concept. The bill is HR.1205, the full text can be found here.

The bill was introduced in February, and has 128 cosponsors in the House already, 9 in the Senate.

Paul's identified the issue I think most people might not be happy with - the "payback" provision. MDA describes it on their website like this:

"In a manner to similar to the treatment of Medicaid trusts, funds remaining in the accounts at the individual's death would be used to "pay-back" the state Medicaid program up to the value of services provided to the individual during life.."

It would certainly be a better deal financially without that provision.

Perhaps this is something that could be talked about during the summer advocacy program? There's a conference call on Thursday, maybe Ryan or Cornerstone will talk about it then.
Hello Keith,

PPMD works with Cornerstone Government Affairs, our Washington DC professional staff, to develop an advocacy agenda. Periodically they recommend other legislation and activities that is e-mailed out to members who are registered to receive updates from the PPMD office. These e-mail updates describe the legislation and recommended actions.

I haven't looked at this particular legislation, yet will do so soon.


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