Even though Connor is only 5, he has SUCH a hard time writing and his hands fatigue fast.  So the current IEP approved way is for him to try a small repetition, then he comes home and types on the computer - does pretty well.


However, I've seen such amazing educational tools for the iPad that would greatly speed things up for him with his work in school, especially Math.  What do you use in school?  And/or what would you recommend?


OR.... should I really push to have him learn how to write even though his pincer grasp is very weak.  Yes, he is receiving some OT on this and the current modifications in school have lessoned arm, hand, and finger cramps.

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i wouldn't push the writing. Ryan started doing OT and learning how to use a computer in about 1st grade. He learned a system called co-writer. he is very good at it but we still have a scribe for him even using the computer can get very tiring. So he uses the computer at times and then has an aid that scribes for him as well. This year , he is in 7th grade we are working on him getting used to a new system. I think it is called speak to write. it is a voice commanded system. But there again it has some obsticals to overcome
we pushed the boys to learn how to form letters properly by hand (max is 8 and still struggling with his grip as well) but any actual writing assignments or busywork is done on computer. we just felt it is important for him to be able to form the letter , but dont want him to get tired. austin is almost 12 and has learned functional writing, he is quite able to do it and i am glad we made him learn. touch screan is getting mixed reviews, as it is really touchy, and sometimes hard for the boys to conrol. both are learning basic keyboarding, austin is working with dragon naturally speaking, a very good speech to text program once he was trained to use it. you need a good tech person to assist, it takes a lot of tweaking. good luck, glad you are starting now :)
So far, we have him write the letter assignments by hand with a rubbery grip thingy. He works only one line for each capital and lower case which equates to about 8-12 letters. he still writes his name on every assignment. So I agree that formation of the letters and numbers are important. I found that the iPad has apps for math that allow him to use his fingers to draw the letter (not as tiring) and for mulitiple choice answers. They really do have a wide variety of apps.


Alphabet App @ http://www.apple.com/ipad/apps-for-ipad/#alphabet
Math Apps @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-me/id319065456?mt=8
Brain Pop @ http://ax.itunes.apple.com/us/app/brainpop-featured-movie/id3648943...

Then I found something yesterday for Windows or MAC pc's: I've across only one educational project, called Crick Software (Clicker 5, Clicker Paint, ClozePro). Does anyone know this or others like it?

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