A Great Resource for Parents Regarding Special Education Services

I found a wonderful publication for those of you looking for more information on special education services, developing an IEP, your child's rights, etc. It is like Cliff Notes for special education services in Texas. It even has examples of letters and requests. A friend in New Jersey looked at it and said that there is a lot of cross over for other states as well. The website is advocacyinc.org. Go to the left side and click on publications then click on Education Handouts. The publication is called "It's a new IDEA!" You can print it off or order a bound manual. It has helped me to understand the process, Sam's rights and how I can make an impact. One of the best things is, for every step, it lists "Ways you Can Participate" so you can maximize your input.
It covers:
Words to Know
Laws, Rules and Regulations
Education Records
A Parents Guide to the Spec. Ed. Process
-Notice of Rights
-Full and Individual Evaluation
-The ARD Meeting
-The IEP
-After the Meeting
-Resolving Disagreements
TX Spec. Ed Resources

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Thank you for posting this information. It couldn't have come at a better time. Erin is having Nicholas evaluated tomorrow morning before entering kindergarten next year. I'll make sure she sees this today. My best to you and your family.

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