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Hi Sanja
I think CRISPR has the potential to become a cure of this devastating disease. It really can prove a game changer . We all must do something to support this therapy like fund raising or spread awareness .
I agree with you. This is a CURE!!! A scientist in my country said to me that's this will be avaiable before 10 years. It is effective,cheap and I hope safe.
I had a conversation with Dr Ronald Cohn from sick kids hospital Canada. He is pretty confident about it. Let's hope for it even before 10 years.
Yes,many scientist,doctors believe in power of CRISPR. It must be before 10 5 years I hope, because this technology move very quick.
It is time to end Duchenne and all genetic diseases of children, to many already died! We must do something to speed up.

5-10 yrs seem sooooo long....

Yes it is...therefore , we should step together and support CRISPR as community.

I totally agree Sanja!  I wouldn't be surprised if clinical trials come much much sooner than the traditional timeframe.  
Sanja Kogelnik said:

Yes it is...therefore , we should step together and support CRISPR as community.
New York Times ran article on Friday about CRISPR. I sure hope it accelerates, but I'm doubtful. So many immune system issues potentially. Gene therapy of any kind will receive the utmost scrutiny from FDA. Even 10 years seems optimistic to me. Hope I'm wrong.
What ever the time frame will be .. We will have to start at some point. One day it can end DMD. You are right David! It may take more than 10 years but our hopes can sometimes pave the way to a breakthrough!!! Hope so!!!
Anyways! Wish you all a very happy new year with the new hopes for our innocent boys!!

Will this technology be applied to all mutations?does it have any limitations?

As far as I know it will be first available to the duplication and then target hot spot deletions exon 45 -55. If successful will move to other deletions.

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