Hi,I have 4 sons ,2 with DMD and 2 without DMD.I am a carrier and am pregnant again though I was on birth control. I am confused to carry or terminate the pregnancy as If God is giving me baby even on birth control,there will be some reason.I have few questions may be someone help.

If I go with CVS ,would this test only tell about DMD or all types of MD?

In CVS would we be able to find if its a girl or a boy?for the reason girl can be a carrier.

Can girl be tested if she is a carrier or not?


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You may find the facebook group Genetics For DMD helpful in getting answers to your questions.

I don't have the answers to your specific questions. But I'm feeling led to write about your second sentence. Please, carefully consider what you will be doing if you have an abortion. Your unborn baby was indeed created by God - despite what our culture tells us, the Bible teaches that life begins at conception. One of the most awful tragedies of our time is the thought that children who aren't 'whole' or who have devastating diseases aren't as important as those who have no major physical or mental challenges. That they somehow can't contribute much to a society, that they are just a drain on it. My husband and I know the exact opposite to be true. Duchenne, though not something we would have chosen in a thousand years, has taught us more in the past few years than we've ever learned before. It's teaching both of our kids as well. It's taught us that God really does use the weak to lead the strong. Children who have Duchenne are weak, but they are the ones who lead us to an even stronger faith in God.

I am praying for you, friend.

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