In the fall, my mom's co-workers have begun organizing a fundraiser for us to be able to get treatment for Riley in Cincy with Dr. Wong. I however, want to donate half of all our proceeds to PPMD. I hope I can do this!? The fundraiser is going to be a 'Family Fun Day' where we will sell food, have 'rides' for the kids, bands will play and there will be a silent auction (GREAT stuff like a fiddle autographed by Charlie Daniels!). I would like to put up a slide show that includes pictures, information about DMD, and information about PPMD. I have seen slide shows that other parents have done and they are wonderful! I am asking for your permission to put a picture of your child in the slide show. I want people to see all of the boys they will be helping by donating money to PPMD. If you'll let me use a picture, please send me a comment. Thanks!!

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I think this is a great idea!!! You probably need to talk to Kimberly Gailbraith at PPMD about how to get the funds to them, but it should be easy. As for a picture, feel free to use any of Seph. I would love to know the date! I don't know if I can make it down, but I sure would like to try! There is a great PPMD video (ok, so sad, but very informative) called the Timeline. ONe version has words, the other none. You could loop the one with words and let it play over and over.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info!! I did send a message to Kimberly to make sure I wasn't doing anything that was not OK! I will look for the video. Thanks!

If I can ever get some pics of Wyatt on here, I'd love to have you use it. My sister was here one day a while back when I was on the "old" PPMD site, and saw all the rotating pics of the boys with DMD, and she said, "Do only boys who are cute get DMD 'cause all theses boys are stinkin' adorable?!" I agreed! I think "the world" should see that these boys are normal (whatever that means), happy little boys, so deserving of a chance to be "cured." What a great idea! You'll have to tell us how it goes.
Hi Rhi,
if you want you can use the he's my son video that I made. (look under viseos) I got the pics from Ryan and I could easily switch or add more pics for you and if a lot more pics than we could just add another song onto it. good luck with your event! I wish we lived closer so we could go.
Hi Rhiannon,
I think it is a wonderful idea. You can use any pictures of Craigie. Good luck with everything, and have a fun filled day.
Take whatever pictures you would like and I can post more! Sounds like a great thing you are doing!
Thanks so much to all of you that have responded! I am going to post the video when it is done. It may be a while because I will work on it a litte at a time and I have to learn what to do first!


go ahead and take any photos from my page too...

all the best,

You can use any of our pictures too. I tried to show the progression of DMD since our son is 15 years old-1 picture for every year. Good luck and hope for a great day.
Absolutely! Good for you! I wish I had family to do that sort of thing for us but I'm happy to see that you do, just let me know when you need the pics..I don't know if you can just copy and save them from somebody's page..if you can, then great, if not, I'll send them to you. Good luck!

You are welcome to chose from any of our photos!

Ang :)
I too would be happy to send any photos of my son. I think they might have to be sent to you directly though. I believe they are embedded here.

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