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I need some advice.  Wyatt has been wearing AFO's since February.  He hasn't ever gotten any sores from them.  The problem is his feet sweat so much when he wears them.  What has happened is his feet are now raw.  I don't know what to do to make his feet not sore on the bottom.  Any suggestions I would appreciate. 


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My son sometimes gets sores where the AFO's are rubbing too much. We've resorted to stuffing cotton/linen over those spots when AFO's go on. I think some parents double up on socks for the same reason. If you use natural fiber socks the sweat might have a better chance of evaporating. Sometimes when Alexander's feet still get sores we take a couple of nights off to let the skin repair, then try it again. What about trying talc powder? Or, perhaps Wyatt's feet have grown a little? Our PT spoted that on a recent visit and mentioned that is why sores can sometimes crop up. Have to get new AFO's by summer's end :0

Hope this helps a little Melissa!
Does the splints have holes in them? That seems to help alittle. I also have him wear thin socks. I have to say though recently he has gotten a rash from sweating.

We got the person that made the afo's to give us that thin sock material that they put on their legs before they cast them for the afo's. We would put them on under the splints at night. The last couple of sets we had them drill holes to hopefully create some air flow.
Ask the orthotist. They can adjust that too. Raw is the same as skin breakdown. Bamboo socks are very good.
AFO/KAFO socks are designed specifically for AFOs and provide comfort, support and wicks away perspiration.

For example...

You might be able to get these socks ("KnitRite SmartFit AFO Socks") from a DME provider and with a prescription have insurance pay for most of it.
Yes, you can asked the person making them to drill holes in them all over. This helps with the air flow. Also, you can try AFO socks, you son may be able to tolerate them. My son unfortunately didn't tolerate the socks. We used foot powder on his feets and inside the AFO's. The socks might really help while is feet are healing and still allow him to wear the AFO's.
Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. I also think once the weather cools down, that will help too. Poor little feet, they just sweat so bad.

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