I am not sure where to put this but today Danny (age 6) had field day at school. there was alot of running/playing etc. and of course he wanted to do it all. even though his aide myself and his teacher told him it was ok to sit one out/ he was not having it. antway about 3/4 of the way through his right calf became hard like a softball. we massaged and carried him to the next station and he participated but you could tell it hurt. the school nurse put ice on it and I continued to massage when he sat down. still now though 5 hours after last activity it is still very tight. any one ever have this with their son and any suggestions????

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Hi Jenny,

There is probably a lot of inflammation due to the increased activity. I would imagine Danny is a lot less active on a regular basis than his peers, so they might be tired where he is showing more physical symptoms. Rest is a good thing as is gentle massage and maybe soaking or rinsing his legs for a short time in cool (not cold) water. Also encourage him to take it easy the net few days.

Kids are usually pretty good at self regulation, yet I'm sure he was caught up in the excitement and didn't want to miss out. How do you encourage him to slow down is a difficult question. We are all torn between wanting to protect our children and encouraging them to participate with their peers as much as possible. You might suggest to the teachers to provide a more calming activity they can all take part in next time. I'm sure they can all use a break as much as Danny.

Brian Denger
This happens to me everyone once in a while.....it happens when my muscles are WORKING harder than normal. I massage it, stretch it out, and then take a hot shower it helps me alot!
Hi Jenny,
My son is a bit older than yours but still quite active and also wants to participate in all of the fun.
After a long day we sometimes use a heat and/or vibrating pad to loosen up the muscles and of course some stretching. Also, a little bengay can help sometimes too.
My son has dealt with a lot of muscle cramping in the past always when he has over excerted himself. Too much sugar in his diet also adds to the problem. His muscles would become very hard and I can only describe it as a bad "charlie horse". Upon the suggestion of another DMD parent I put him on magnesium in the fall and to my surprise it has helped reduce the cramping a lot. He takes 250mg/day.

Muscle Cramps Research
Diet & Lifestyle

Magnesium - a natural remedy for muscle cramps

Canadian doctors have found that magnesium supplements can alleviate muscle cramps. In severe cases, magnesium has been provided intravenously and this has led to relief of symptoms within 24 hours. Many cases of muscle cramps are caused by low concentrations of magnesium in the blood. The reason why it helps is be due to diuretic medications or strenuous exercise. When taken orally, it seems that magnesium glucoheptonate or magnesium gluconate work best.

Bilbey ,Douglas L, Prabhakaran V.M. Muscle cramps and magnesium deficiency: case reports. Canadian Family Physician. July 1996: 42; 1348-1351.
Thank you all for the great advice. It always seems there is something!

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