Can someone please recommend a reputable distributor of deflazacort? I have used Masters Marketing in the past, but have not been able to reach them via their US phone number. Also, any advice on how to get around a Physicians reluctance to write a script for this steroid? We have about a 30 day supply left.....

Thanks in advance,

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You can also order it from Manufactured by Lupin. The deflaz. from Masters is made by Sandoz now, previosly made by Shire. I just ordered some from Masters in Jan with no problems but am about to order more from getcanadiandrugs.

I think if you bring lots of documentation supporting deflazacort it might help. Dr. Bigger and Wong support it a lot.
i went to Masters website and ordered deflaz. from there. I got an email less than 24 hours later stating it had shipped. I am waiting on it to come in now. THe website is:
Jeff, try them again. We have been using Masters for several years with no problems. The contact person is Julie Emms (I think) I will post her email for you unless someone beats me to it. In fact we just ordered some this week and they just shipped so we should get in about 10 days.
Thanks Karen, Lori, and Angela......



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