Anyone having issues getting assistive technology into thier IEP? I want to hear about it.

I just came from a national assistive technology conference and it was wonderful. There are so many great strategies and supports out there for our boys. I'm working on an article for the newsletter and will hopfully have handouts by the conference. If anyone has any thoughts, ideas or commments- please share.

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I have been to a couple of assistive technology conferences in Louisiana and they were very informative. I went to these conferences to be informed of technology assistance my students can use (I am a middle school principal) never thinking that I will one day use this information for my grandson. I would like to give a little advice to the parents of a child with a disability. Although the principal is the driving force of an IEP, parents should never agree to sign the IEP unless they are in total agreement. I allow parents to decide what they would like placed in the IEP because I feel that no one knows what is best for the child like the parents do. I may not always agree to what a parent wants but I will agree to it for the peace of mind for that parent. I also advise parents to learn the law of Special Education frontwards and backwards - the laws can be found on the internet if their school system does not give them a copy. I also suggest that parents of children with MD to never hesitate to request the IEP to be reconvened no matter how many times a year they feel it should be. Since the condition of children with MD progressively deteriorates, the IEP needs to be reconvened often to change or add accomodations that will meet the needs of the child. We are the number one advocates for our children! I hope you share with us some of the information you find at the national conference; I would love to attend one nationally and may be able to do so at the next one. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Marla Tabor

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