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Offering some constructive feedback to PPMD on the new design...

For those that haven't worked with this type of thread structure before, post each suggestion as a reply to this original message. If you want to comment on a suggestion someone has made, post your comments as a reply to the post with the suggestion in it. It makes things easier to follow, particularly if the thread becomes long.

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["I am not understanding how you can go back and edit your post. When I click on the little x on the upper right corner of my post it just says cancel or delete."]
In some area's where you post messages (like here in the Discussion Forum), you only have 15 minutes to edit after you save your post. It will state this. To edit what you wrote, click on the text of your post and it will turn into and edit field for you to change or add to your msg.

["I would really like to see the little smiley guys back. It helps to show emotions (when someone is joking about something for example). So often things we post are so 2 dimensional and things can be taken the wrong way."]

["I liked the feature on the other board of how many times something has been viewed - shows how much interest there is on a particular subject."]
To me, this is just fluff. I could view a thread 50 times and it will count it 50 times....if 5 other people do the ssame, then what does it matter that it was 300+ times?

["I would like to see who is online in one place. Right now you have to scroll through all the members to see who is online and the member list is getting lengthy."]
Maybe I don't want you knowing I am online...Shoot, where's a smiley sticking its tongue out? :-P Actually, I am pretty nosey and like to see who all is online as well...this would be a nice feature to add.

["I liked the boxed quote feature better to respond back to a reply and the replies shown in a chronological order."]
Yes, this would be nice....for now, you can copy/paste the original and add to your post.

One small thing I wish this site had is a Time Zone setting. I liked to see posts time stamped based on where I am located...I am sure others in other countries would like this feature too.

C'mon Ryan...what's taking so long??? J/K ;-D

I am starting to dig the new site, tho. Where you lose with some of the little things we like about the old one, we gain a lot more functionality with this one.

Also, I think the Discussion Forum looks better than it did 2 days ago.
Karen said:

"The instant chat messaging is up in the left hand corner"

I don't see that, Karen. Which icon are you talking about? Looks like you can send a message to someone, but it's asking for an email address.

Is there a way to private message someone, like the old message board had?
Their should be a little email envelope (for IM's) and then a little person next to it (to add friends) up in the far upper left corner next to your name. It's very small. You can only IM people if they are added to your friends list.
Is the time limit for edits going to be changed? I really don't like this at all.
sux you need to know someones email address in order to send them a message via that mesagging tool at the top.

i noticed if you go to one of your cliques...errrrr, your friends page, right under their profile photo, there is a "Send a Message" link.

maybe a good idea would be to make that link available for every member, not just our friends...then, remove the whole friends thing all together....unless we need it to see if a friend is online or not.
I agree with Christian. I consider everyone on here my friend and anyone else who is living with DMD but may not know their email. That said and not to sound like I am back-tracking, but I do like the groups, esp. the ones created for those from the same state, country, etc. I feel this is one more way of connecting to those on this site. (Apart from those I already knew, I have found 2 families living very close to me~strength in numbers!!) I love finding something I have in common (besides DMD) with those in different groups and other members--places I've lived or where my family lives, the same mutation, places I've visited, etc. I do love this new site. "You" have done a fantastic job creating this site which allows us to network and gives us, umm, me, a life life=) Thanks to this site we found Dr. Wong!! So, great job on the new site(s)!
dunno if emoticons will ever be introduced to this site or not, but i did find a "work around" for anyone who has the patience to take the time:

1. GoodSearch, Yahoo, or Google "free emoticons" or "free smileys". Here's one that i found: Click here for Smiley Site
2. Right click on an image of an emoticon that you like and select "Save Picture As...".
3. Save it to a location on your computer (eg C:/SmileyFolder)

4. In the comment fields of this community (eg Discussion Forum, Groups, Your page, another Members page), select the "Add an Image" icon. It looks like this:

5. At the "Add an Image" pop up, click on the Browse button.
6. Navigate to you emoticon folder on your computer (eg C:/SmileyFolder) and select the emoticon you want.
7. Click on the Add button.
8. It will throw in some code in the comment box at the very begining of your comment. Just cut from the "

" and paste it where ever you want it to appear in you comment.

kinda cumbersome, but it works....

Great thinking Christian and they're great emoticons! I was trying to figure out how you could select them all and save them all at once to a folder but it would only allow me to pick one at a time. Once you get them saved in a folder it really isn't a big deal to add them to a message.
The Comments Wall in Groups seems to be getting confused with the Discussion forums in the groups. Not sure why there needs to be comments within a Group when the Discussions are available.

Also I think the Latest Activity stuff on the main page should not show 'personal' type actions like Holly made friends with Paul, or Mary left a comment for Peter type of stuff. They aren't important actions to show with regards to being an informative site and providing me with an insight into the latest postings\information on the site that I will find useful.
also to add to what Paul just said putting on the main page paul and jenny are now freinds or so and so left comment for so and so, gives the sight a very high school/ click type feeling. everyone is on as friends and wanting to help each other. we should be allowed to be friends with everyone and IM everyone. also not so important who replied to who.

1. Yup, the clique thing is rediculous, considering we are all friends here.

2. Yup, we don't need to see who left who a comment and who became "friends" with who.


1. From the Main page, remove the Latest Activity section and extend the Discussion Forum section to show the last 10 replies to Discussion threads.

2. Add a "Send a Message" link under the Profile Photo for every member so anyone can send a message to anyone...not just the members in "My Clique".

["The Comments Wall in Groups seems to be getting confused with the Discussion forums in the groups. Not sure why there needs to be comments within a Group when the Discussions are available."]


The creator of a group has the option to have the Comment Wall set up. If you didn't create the group yourself, then ask the admin of your group (the group creator) to do the following:

1. Go to the group page.
2. Select the "Edit Group" link in the Admin Options section.
3. Uncheck the checkbox for "Comments".
4. Click on Save Changes.

The comment wall will be gone and just Discussions can be created.

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