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Offering some constructive feedback to PPMD on the new design...

For those that haven't worked with this type of thread structure before, post each suggestion as a reply to this original message. If you want to comment on a suggestion someone has made, post your comments as a reply to the post with the suggestion in it. It makes things easier to follow, particularly if the thread becomes long.

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I'll start things off.

Suggestion: When entering the Discussion Forum, list all the available forum categories on one page, with information about when the last post in that category was made.

Right now, you can't even see the name of all the categories on the left hand side. In the center, you have to go through three pages to see all the categories. Threads are shown under each category, and it takes up a lot of space. I'm not sure if there's a limit to how many threads will show up, but if it's all of them, eventually it'll take up a lot more than 3 pages to see everything.
List replies in a thread chronologically rather than as a reply to a specific post. I understand why the threads are structured this way, but all it takes is a simple quote in order to follow what the poster is replying to. As the threads are structured currently, once the thread gets beyond one page long, it takes forever to figure out what responses are new since the last time you read it. I'm sure we all know how much a Duchenne parent's time is at a premium. I simply can't aford to take the extra time to wade through the board as currently structured.
Different suggestion, so it is getting its own post.

Eliminate the time limit for editing a post. I don't see a reason for it.
previous board had a link to "15 most recent post". this was very useful in checking new activity without having to wade through each thread to check. I would appreciate a similar link here.

Absolutely agree.
Agree. For example, I've been updating my first post in the advocacy forum as new co-sponsors are added. I wouldn't be able to do something like that in this message board with the time limit in place.
Please provide an Instant Messaging and chat option with the online members.
Looks like the board was updated with this change. I like it. You can see all the categories, and when the last activity was. Great !!
The instant chat messaging is up in the left hand corner.
I am liking this better but a few suggestions:

- I am not understanding how you can go back and edit your post. When I click on the little x
on the upper right corner of my post it just says cancel or delete.
- I would really like to see the little smiley guys back. It helps to show emotions (when someone is
joking about something for example). So often things we post are so 2 dimensional and things can
be taken the wrong way.
- I liked the feature on the other board of how many times something has been viewed - shows how
much interest there is on a particular subject.
-I would like to see who is online in one place. Right now you have to scroll through all the members
to see who is online and the member list is getting lengthy.
- I liked the boxed quote feature better to respond back to a reply and the replies shown in
a chronological order. The way it is now you have to search through the whole thread to see where
the reply is when someone replies to a certain post. At least that is the way I am understanding it.
I'm very pleased that our suggestions are being considered. So often, when a change is made to a site, there is no opportunity for discussion. It's just "This is the program we bought. It was cheaper and we don't want to go around messing with it." I wasn't sure how many of our suggestions could even be incorporated into the program, but whomever is listening and doing the tweaking, great job.
When I reply to a private message I am not always getting the "your message has been sent" box come up. Usually I do not. Makes it hard to know if it has been sent.

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