Where do you buy Juven from? directly from the website? www.juven.com

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My Sam doesn't take Juven, but does take l-arginine. We use the Nitrate 3 Fuel Shot by Twin Labs, but it is no longer available. Luckily I stocked up. He takes 3tsp per day, which is 3000mg (3g). He's 6 and is 40lbs. He's been on this same does for over 2 years now.


J's mom said:

Very interesting to read these improvements for your son. I'm so glad to hear it! Our son, Jake, was just diagnosed last year. He's been on Deflazacort, a multi-vitamin, calcium, CO Q-10 and vitamin D. I'm wondering if we need to add anything else to his regimen. I'd love to hear any recommendations. I'm thinking we would probably need to go with L-arginine if it is less likely to cause weight gain than juven. A while back, he was slightly above his growth curve for weight gain. Anyone know if L-arginine is supposed to be as effective as juven? Also, any ideas on how I would find out the dosage amount? He is four-years-old and weighs about 31 lbs. I appreciate any recommendations!
I started my son on Juven (10/27 1 pack a day 1/2 -1/2) First week was ok, During the second week, I noticed he was falling more. Now during the 2nd week, he also got cold and probably was not feeling well due to cold. Durig the 2nd week, he also compalined about funny feeling in calf muscles. Did anybpdy notice such changes?

In any case, I stopped juven. I am planning on starting L-arginine suplement and see what happens.
I mix non flavored powder of Arginine, Glutamine and Creatine together. Kelvin has done fantastic with it, has improved greatly (even before starting Deflazacort) and the doctors have said, whatever we are doing, keep it up. His stregth has improved, his flexibility much better, time getting up from the floor has improved, he never gets tired from running (he picks his legs up now and runs more "normal"). I thought about Juven, but haven't tried it yet. I mix everything up with a grape flavoring put in water (sugar free - yes, I know, it does have "fake" sugar, which could also be bad). I do try to limit Kelvin on sugar somewhat. He doesn't eat much sugar at all, never has, except natural fruit. Juven does have HMB, where I haven't given it yet. I'll have to look more into it maybe if the dosage compares to what I give. Michelle
I did forget to add, that a large study was done that proved that taking Arginine along with Deflazacort was substantially better than taking either one alone. Michelle
what brandsdo you buy/ and how much do you give per day? Thanks.
Arginine 750 mg (1/4 teaspoon), Glutamine 5 g (1 teaspoon), Creatine 2.5 g (1/2 teaspoon). I get the Creatine at GNC, the Glutamine at GNC, both unflavored powder and the Arginine unflavored powder (I'll have to check at home). I forget what the name of the company is right now, I'm at work. Does anyone know if you can guy HMB in powder form? I was thinking I may just add it to what I already do if it is out there. Kelvin doesn't take well to change much, so this would be a way to see if Juven would make a difference for him, but adding the ingredient that I'm missing. Michelle
The Arginine is made by Carlson. The serving is for 3000 mg (1 teaspoon), I adjusted the dose according to different reports of what is used for specific weight and only give 1/4 of a teaspoon, 750mg. Maybe I should give more, since it appears that the Juven gives 7 g of arginine and I'm only giving 1/10 of that amount in the 750 mg that I give. Maybe I should try Juven, but it is a lot more of both Arginine and Glutamine than I already give Kelvin. I'm wondering, the folks that have doctor approval, what weight of a child is 1 packet in a day safe for? I just hate to add much more to Kelvin, but am thinking of changing after I see how Kelvin's appt. goes in January. His body seems to be taking well to what he takes, so of course, it is confusing on what to do, but I do find Juven interesting. Do most kids seem to like it, the flavor and all? Kelvin can be picky. Thanks, Michelle
Thanks. Dr Wong recommended 7g arginine. My son is 7 1/2 and wt 53 lbs.
Thanks, I'm sure to up it if Dr. Wong has you on it. She is very cautious and must be a safe dose. Therefore, it seems that is what Juven has, so that seems that is why Juven might be better. Michelle

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