Not sure where to post this, but CLOTHING HELP? Easy fasten pants???

My DS is seven, and he's never been great with getting dressed. He can do it, but it's not he avoids it. And buttons/snaps are a physical stumbling ground for him (and ME, because I have rheumatoid arthritis!). He's not a big kid, and I've been able to keep him in elastic-waist jeans by Faded Glory (WalMart) until now, but he's outgrowing their toddler (5T) sizes now. He doesn't like sweat pants at all.

Help me find some jeans (hopefully affordable!) or give me some more ideas for my not-so-strong-or-coordinated-in-the-fingers little sweetheart?!?


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I make can help with this issue.
My mom is a livesaver. When I buy new pants for my sons, Mimi (their grandmother) replaces all of the zippers with velcro. If the sweat pants don't have an opening, Mimi opens the front seam and adds velcro, almost down to the inseam; then there is room if they need to use a urinal if they aren't near a bathroom. Instead of an obvious white urinal, I buy dark water bottles in the bicycle accessory department of Target and they keep it in either their backpacks or a pouch that is discreetly fastened to the wheelchair under their knees. My mom loves to do this to their pants; she even checks the velcro before she buys it to make sure it's soft and flexible, not scratchy. If my sons outgrow the pants before they wear out, we pass them on to the Pediatrics Dept at the local Rehab Hospital.
Hope you have a Mimi...or can find a seamstress!
Talk to Tanya Flemming. She's on this site and had three boys with DMD and she also has a sewing business. She could probably help you out.

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