Wyatt will be getting his night splints next week. Any suggestions on what socks to use? I heard that their feet get really hot; Wyatt already hates having blankets on him while he sleeps, so this should be fun. The man who is making the splints said any socks are fine, but I just wanted to see if any one had special socks that worked better.

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My son used to get frequent rashes with his AFOs. We used Aveno lotion to help clear it up. Since, I have found that Moisture Wicking socks really help this. Addidas makes some that go up to the top of the calf. I usually find the best deals and size selection at Kohl's. The kind that they make for soccer are smoother and more comfortable for my son. Good luck.
James has been wearing night splints for about 5 years and just wears ordinary cotton socks. When he first started wearing them he did used to get a little rash on his calves, but they added a thin cushion inside the splint and this has never re-occured. James has two nights off from his splints. Hope this helps.

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