Yesterday our PT (this was her first time seeing Elliott) suggested that because he sleeps in the fetal position, we should put knee braces on him to keep his knees straight. So she gave us some braces, essentially what you get when you blow your knee out and they don't want you bending it. Elliott is great with his night heel braces, 'boots' as we call them, but he wanted no part of these knee braces. I'm wondering if anyone else uses these, or has had them recommended. I don't recall reading about anyone using them in the message board, so I'm curious. I'm wondering if these are really necessary...

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My son was just given these type braces, but was told to try and wear them for 1 hour, then build up to all night. I don't know if my son Brandon will ever be able to sleep the night through, but they do seem to be helping. His legs were so tight he couldn't straighten his legs all the way out. They are "bent" at the knees. Maybe try gradually like we are...
I don't like making them wear them at night. I switched to during the day, when they are playing video games, or watching TV. This way they are not losing sleep. After all if they wear them during the day we can monitor them better, for red spots, that could lead to breakdown of the skin. If you can keep their attention off of the braces it helps too. Give them names too. Like Iron Man boots, or Spiderman boots ect. Jedi is a good one too.
I'm certainly confused now on whether or not bracing is helpful or not. My son is not yet in braces but I am seeing that his legs needs to be held in place when sitting on the floor with legs in front of him. Plus, he is not comfortable with both legs straight and in front. He really pushes to have at least one knee bent.

FYI, he is 3 and currently only in orthotics.

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