Just curious. My son does not have learning or behavior issues. He did well in K and is now in 1st grade. The teacher this year mentioned that he is having trouble focusing...Has anyone else had this problem and could it be the meds?
The K teacher did not notice this last year..of course K was only 1/2 day vs a full day in 1st grade. Let me know your thoughts. He does well on his tests and reading is fine at this point. He is on 18 mg calcort daily, coq10 and vit D.


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Hi - My son is now in the 3rd grade. When he started 1st grade, we were told he could not focus and was a horrible reader. We were shocked. We knew he had a short attention span but that was all. Anyway, our peditrician put him on Metadate (for focus issues / ADHD). Alex has not been diagnosed with ADHD though. Anyway, it has made a huge difference. He still struggles a little and is a little slow but he is doing great in school and he is an advanced reader. Not sure if it is related to the meds..he has always been this way. Good luck
My son John is having the same awful issues about focusing in kindergarten and being very disruptive in class. I am worried they will want him in special ed, and consider him for ADHD, but he is smart. I just think he is being silly. I too am wondering if anyone has any suggestions about the silliness he is presenting.

Thanks Carolyn

Carolyn - My son Nick started Kindergarten this year as well. Same thing you are describing. Nick goes to class all day every day. He has spent a considerable amount of time with the principal because they remove him from the class when he starts pitching a fit. I would suggest a meeting with the school staff. My husband and I did this to learn the "fits" Nick was throwing in class where the all out lay on the floor and act like a baby fits. This is something he has NEVER done in our presence. Part of our situation was that since Nick is so smart, he we doing it because he liked (truly liked) hanging out with the principal. When we got home that night in front of Nick I tossed myself on the floor and threw a fit! He didn't know what to think. I sat up and said, that looked pretty silly didn't it. He agreed. We told him to knock it off and if he did it again he would lose his video game, movies, and TV for one night. The next day at school, he did it, so we went through on our promise and he lost his stuff that night. He hasn't done it since then. We are now going on 3 weeks of no visits to the office. We have also been motivating him that if he gets it right, he will get a prize (such as last Friday I had lunch with him at school and hung out for a while and played with him at recess). I contacted our nurse and she assured us that before we messed around with lowering the doses of his medication to try other tactics. I have a lengthy email that she sent me that I would be glad to share with you. Not all DMD boys have ADHD. There are other reasons (easy explainable reasons) for the way they act. If you would like the information please email and I will hook you up. I would love to share information back and forth. Maybe together we can come up tactics/answers that work. Take care. Rhonda
Alexander is now 10. He had many of these same problems. He no longer does. Looking back on it, his bad days happened when something else was going on, like his p.e. class, where he was getting tuckered out. Managing his activity level so that he never got too tired made a big difference.

Can short attention span be overcome within the time in 1 grade DMD boy?

If yes,how

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