Our son Brandon who is 8 was diagnosed last week as having DMD. He has a deletion of exon 33. At what stage did your sons start physical therapy? His neurologist and pediatrician don't seem concerned with starting soon, because he is so flexible, and maybe it's because this is so new, but I don't want to take any chances with loosing flexibility before starting to preserve it.

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I agree. Our PT diagnosed us as well. I credit how well Seph is doing today to the fact that he was in PT (albiet doing some wrong excercises) from pre-walking. I don't know if that is right or not, but I think it helped. By the way, our local MDA doc (who is REALLY BAD) told us to take our son out of PT when we were diagnosed and recommended NO stretching or anything (he was 3.5 at diagnosis)...so, go with your gut...the docs (especially the ones with big egos) are often mis-informed if not plain out right WRONG......

Jennifer Shumsky said:
We actually started PT prior to diagnosis, in fact it was the PT that really diagnosed Xavier. I would recommend PT from the start. Even if it's just every other week I think it's good to have someone keeping an eye on him to have a professional measure taking place.

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