THEY WANT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fantastic!!! Please let us know what we can do to make this a success.
OMG!!!!! I am sooo excited!!! Way to go!!! Let me know...I'm in too!!!!!
Great-Great-Great--am so excited--we need to keep this going big time--great work---
Lukey's Grandma
OMG That is so GREAT. I have been in such a slump kind of like a bubble. But now I think it may have a leak. Keep us posted. We are also in.

Thats really a great news. Its a great way to create awareness..... we will be following the show from Holland.
Please keep posting & updating us.
Awesome!!! We too would love to go to the taping and will fly to Cali for it. Let us know!!

Tonya :-)
This is soooooo awesome!!!! How exciting!! Persistence pays off=) Way to go Jacobs Mommom!!!! You rock!!! You are such a great example of dedication to all of the grandparents out there AND to us parents! I can't wait to see this show and if I know when it is being filmed would love to be there as well.
This is amazing news!!! Congrats to all of you that participated. Your persistence and hard work really paid off. We are in Southern Cali and would also love to attend the taping if possible.
Way to go!!! this is exciting news. This is one of the many exciting ways to bring (more) awareness on DMD/BMD and MD in general. You be serprise how many people really are ignorant about the disease. Sometimes we do need to bring as much attention to it as they do with any other disease. I'm sure there are many suggestions of things that need to be brought up and discussing it with Pat is a good idea.

I wish I could be be there for the taping too, but with Tim in classes and his only caregiver, just can't....but do let us know if/when it is air and I can assure you that many of us will be there to support you all in some way of form.

Go girl!
This is just awesome!!! I'd love to come if they need families to tell their story.
OMG!!! That is AWESOME!!!! Please let us know when she will be on.
I too am appreciative of your efforts and success. Thank You.

I only have one request ( if they are being accepted by Parent Project members ).

Please leave the audience and television viewers with the understanding how close we are to helping so many boys with a deletion in the "hot spot" areas, how PTC will make such a difference with 15% of them as well as the hope we have in the very near future that other drugs may help the remaining few.

Anotherwards, I don't want them leaving the program feeling sorry for me. "That poor mother." I want them leaving with the understanding that we need their help...we can make a difference with this generation of boys.... and here is how they can help.

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