Does anyone notice how busy Dr. Wong is getting? We have seen her for three years now and is getting tough to get appts.

At first, she only had a few patients from out of town but now...geesh! We drive from Texas. We love the assertive and cohesive treatment at Cincinnati children's. For me, Iannacone's bedside manner just left me cold. And Harrison too.

I sure hope Brenda gets a new partner soon! So her oldies and goodies can still be seen!!!! Does anyone else notice this?

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She does have a new partner. We saw her in August. Can't for the life of me remember her name, but I really liked her.
I heard she had a new man partner...someone met with him I think about 2 weeks ago (told me about him last night). I hope things get easier for her! I don't want her to burn out!
Dr. Wong does have a new partner, I can not remember her name. I met her briefly in August. Dr. Wong and a young man saw my son. The young man was doing his internship or something. I know he was not staying with Dr. Wong. I am sure whatever exposure with Dr. Wong will go a long way.

Yes, Dr. Wong is busy and I am constantly amazed at her commitment to our families. God bless her, her family for helping Dr. Wong's commitment to our children. God bless the staff and all who help us along the way.

I heard that Dr. Wong's partner had left on maternity leave and then, moved out of state. We did see a young intern while we were there in August. I tried to make an appointment for six months and she already had a waiting list. I really wish that she could do a training session or write a step by step guidel for other MDA clinics or other healthcare professionals who don't or refuse to give the care all our boys need and deserve.

I can't believe that people have to travel so far just to get care that should be standard everywhere. I hope that Dr.Wong be able to get some help. I worry about her health , She seldom takes a lunch. Because she is so dedicated and so thought after, I fear she will become so overwhelmed and have burn out! God forbide.

I have noticed it more difficult to schedule appointments. Karen Long does a fantastic job scheduling and she is always so pleasant and apologetic about the hectic schedule. I Hope things get better and she will have a partner full time.soon!!!Karen
I've never met Dr. Wong, but I truly admire her and those few others in her profession like our Dr. Flanigan who've committed themselves to caring for our children. I think about the premeds I knew in college, and I cannot imagine any of those people ever signing onto a sub-sub specialty where there's been nothing but heartache and failure for over a century, no chance of glory and not even much hope of getting a lot of money since medical doctors who diagnose and treat diseases with medication tend to get paid a whole lot less than doctors who do surgeries and other procedures.
We used to take our son to Iannacone at Scottish Rite but when she moved to Dallas Children's it became difficult to get all things done in one visit--it was a breeze at SR. My wife was at a conference in Austin and talked to Dr. Wong after her presentation and, thus, we're now going to CC...much better than Dallas Children's. We haven't noticed how busy she's getting but we do tend to make our appointments way out in the future...4-6 months or so.
Our appts. are scheduled out all the way into 2010. With all the patients she see's I'm making them well in advance. We go every 6 months.
David, that is how we started going to see Wong...from that same conference in Austin. Wow...small world.

I just had enough of Iannacone's negativity. When she made Harrison cry accusing him of gaining too much weight and not sticking to his diet....which he had been mercilessly...I had enough.

We love Wong's compassion, kindness to her patients and her enthusiasm and assertiveness in fighting this disease.

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