We are 3 days into 1st grade and my son, almost 7 y/o, is still walking and running around. The permission slip to be signed for "Walking Fieldtrips" (to things like Fire station, library, parks, etc.) came home in his backpack on day 2. Ugh, I did not want to deal with this yet. Anyway, he does not yet have a scooter and at this point that will take some time to get. How are other families dealing with the "Walking Fieldtrips"?
Your input is appreciated!

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Hi Cindy,
I didn't sign it, but put a note to contact me when there was a walking field trip. In the past we have sent a wagon to "carry supplies" and when Jack gets tired he can jump in and ride. I don't know if it is a possibility for you, but I also try to attend all of these and keep an eye on Jack. I have taken the stroller on some, but wonder what he will say not that he is in second grade. I usually talk to him and see what he wants to do. It is amazing what plans he comes up with!
I hope that helps!
Ang :)
Like Angela I usually just try to attend these fieldtrips myself to ensure that Riley is able to get around, but I know that isn't always easy. I have worked it out with Riley's teachers to bring a wagon on walking fieldtrips for Riley to ride in. My son is just in K now. I did find last year that the other children did not even question why only Riley got to ride in the wagon and most of them even fought over who would pull it! His teachers this year (a new school) have also agreed to use a wagon. They have even decided that Riley could have 'wagon buddies' so the other kids won't feel left out (kinda ironic that other children would envy him?). Maybe this could still work for first grade? I know it'll get tougher as they get older and other options will need to be considered, but this is how we manage for now.

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