If you know where I can find and print info to give the gym teacher this evening, please let me know.


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PPMD has a great resource on the website that you can print. If you go to the main PPMD page and click on Caring for Him and then the link for School Programming. You will find links "Education Matters" and the Adaptive PE link. You can print them out from there. PPMD will also send these to you in a booklet form. They are great resources. I tried to paste a link directly to the proper page but it didn't look like it was going to work. (I'm not good with computers.) Maybe someone else can put the link in but if not these directions should get you there. I am trying to schedule a meeting with the teachers at my son's school but not having much luck. The principal is holding us up. I just sent him another e-mail so hopefully we'll get in this week.

Hope your meeting goes well.

On my 'Home' page here I've got a link to a page I put together where I collected a bunch of different PT information: Physical Therapy Links. I can't comment on the usefulness of it all - I was just 'collecting' it.
We kept our two boys in Phys Ed as long as they could and were still interested. Even with the chairs they played soccer, hockey, etc. Just kept doing what they could for as long as they could. The state required them to still take Adaptive Phys Ed even after they could not participate with the regular class. This drove us crazy! They would make them get articles on sports and write an essay about what they read to cover their requirements. Could not get them waived no matter how hard we tried. Why stick in a kid's face (who hates sports) all that they are unable to do. The boys like video games and one year they played a whole season of Backyard Baseball on Playstation with their TA in school for APE. As nuts as it sounds, it fulfilled the state requirement.

As an aside, one well meaning gym teacher asked if they could lift weights during gym instead of playing with the other kids. They were already in their wheelchairs and the teacher did not get that it was not just their legs which were weakening. Once we got done screaming, we had a good laugh about it. Still do!

I think over the last 11 years we have gotten over most every school hurdle they could throw at both of the boys. Drop me a note if you have other questions regarding school issues. I might be able to help.


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