Does Medicare help with the care for Duchenne MD? We do have insurance, but with braces, MRI's and other tests we still have high medical bills. If anyone could help me get started with the process , I would appreciate any information.

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How old is your son and what state do you live in? You would probably need to apply for Medicaid or a waiver program which in many states as long waiting lists. Most of the programs have income guidelines.

I recently looked into this. If you family income is low(and they really mean very low), then he may qualify for Social security benefits along with the medicare etc. If not medicaid waiver program offers medical support, acts as a secondary insurance. However, depending on state , it may take few years to get on the waiver list. It always helps to start the process early. Contact state government for info.
Check with your local DHS office. Your son may still qualify for medicaid even if you have insurance. Most states don't list the income brackets. They just tell you to go ahead and apply. You could check your state's gov. website to see what programs it offers for kids. Here in Michigan we have Children's Special Health Services to help with medical needs for disabled kids.
We are in Illinois and was on a waiver list for 10 years, we were able to get on and has really helped alot since our insurance paid 80 somethings 90% it helped with the difference. We had to qualify for the waivers also even after waiting they needed to have 2 forms of disabilities, so check what it takes to qualify.

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