Sam is entering 1st grade this year, and we are planning on talking with the class about his DMD. Kris' office assistant's husband is a fireman, so we're going to go that route with our talk. My question is, when do we do this? Should we do it as close to the start of school as possible, or give it a few weeks to a month? I'm also trying to decided if we should have his twin brother in room when we give the talk. They're in the same class this year. We're going to take Sam out for the talk. Just not sure if Jake should stay.

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I just got these materials this year. Christian is in 4th grade now and the teachers and class have a discusion every year about it even though all the kids at this school know Christian. At this age if i remember correctly we did this with something kinda fun. We made two batches of chocolate chip cookies in his class one with chocolate chips and one with out to help expalin why Christians muscles didn't work like everyone else.

Jeanette Vaughan Duric said:
Hi Laura....

I used the PPMD "Teacher's Guide to Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy" and the accompanying classroom DVD. The DVD is very helpful as it simplistically explains what is going on in a child like fashion.

We do it every year for Harrison's class. If Sam is starting to fall or require assistance - in my opinion it is right to have the talk now. It seems the earlier his classmates are exposed to it - the better.

I find early in the school year is the best. Set's things off on a positive note. Before issues arise. You can order the materials from PPMD. Just email Ryan.

Wonderful stuff.

Hugs, Jeanette RN, MSN, CCRN

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