My idea for fundraising where we could all participate from our homes

Will tells me that PPMD is registered with Mission Fish, which is Ebays charity arm. His understanding is that PPMD can be chosen to receive all or part of the proceeds of any sale on Ebay, if the person indicates that that is their wish.

I do alot of listing of items for my husband on Ebay so I was thinking that if everyone collected items to be sold and then emailed me three pictures of each item with a description and the location of the item I could list them on Ebay and have the money go directly to PPMD and I would put in the description the location of the item and when the item sells that person who has the item could mail it out to the buyer.

What do you all think? I would pay for all of the listings and the person holding the item would only have to pay for the shipping? That way all of the money that came in could go for PPMD.

If anyone has a different take on this please feel free to post it.

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I am interested and will do what I can, but I think we'll just sell a few items and donate the money directly as we use Ebay as well. Thanks for the idea. Maybe if everyone just sold a few items, even if they did it themselves and made from $10.00 or more per item, in a month or so we could have tons of money donated. I am collecting aluminum cans and just sold them, once the money is in our account, I'm making a donating from that as well. I think that every dollar will help our cause and I hope that others can bring great ideas here. I have very, very limited time with working full time, etc., but I'll do what I can. Michelle

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