Sam has been going to the ophthalmologist every year now that he's been on steroids to check for cataracts. Our issue now is scheduling. The nearest place for him to go is a good 45 minutes away. Then the appointments are all during school hours. Has anyone just seen an optometrist for this? The rest of us see one just down the road, and he has after school appointment times. I really hate taking Sam out of school any more than absolutely necessary.

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We had Seph checked her in Monroe, La after 1 year of steroids. They had him do all the tests that you and i as adults would do (this was a pediatric opthlamologist). You know, touch the eye w/the blue light for pressure, etc. It was AWFUL for a 4 y/o. We then went to the eye Dr in Cincy as a part of our big annual check....she just looked in the back of his eye with a light and said that the nerves are fine and that they can tell about cataracts that way. if they see something weird, they move forward with the 'big' testing. Again Cincy does things logically as opposed to care here in louisiana.
If you can't make it workout in TX, you may want to do it as a part of your big annual in Cincy (If I am right, you all go there still). Just a thought.

As to the necessity....I would do it. I know 1 child who had cataracts after 1 year....we, on the other hand were fine..

Hi Laurie,

We have our son checked once a year. He has been on steriods for a long time. He does have cateracts but they are very small and don't inhibit his eye site. We just want to make sure that they are not getting any larger and that they don't start to inhibit his eye site.

We do see a pediatric opthalmologist. We spoke with our pediatrician and explained our concerns with steriods and cataracts. Maybe your pediatrician can recommend someone closer to you. We try and see the eye doctor at least once a year to 18 months.
James gets checked once a year, and to be honest it terrifies him. He is so good with all his other checks and tests, but the eye tests really scare him. It breaks my heart to see him so upset, but I know it has to be done and I just try to reassure him and calm him down, followed by a special outing afterwards. Luckily, James isn't yet in "big school" so it doesn't matter too much if he has time off. He has Wednesdays off school anyway, so we generally try to schedule on those days.
Hi Laurie,

My son is 16 and we have been seeing a ophthalmologist since he has been on steriods at age 7. We actually went yesterday for his yearly checkup. He has a small cataract that they continue to monitor. We did find out that his pressure in one eye has gone up from 20 to 24. So it is very important for them to check pressure also. I would question a doctor that didn't do them since glaucoma is also a side affect of steriod use. There should be a an opthalmologist in your town that has later appointments.Check with your pediatrician. I understand your concern about taking him out of school all the time. The other option is to try and make more than one doctor appointment on one day. I usually make 2 or 3 in one day so he misses less school that way.

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