I was wandering if there are certain shoes that are good for our boys. Are tennis shoes the best? Has anyone found that some shoes are better than others? I was just thinking about it and figured I would ask before I go out and buy Wyatt some new shoes.


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My son has always had wide, fat feet and could never wear the nike, but he does do really well with stride rite. He used to be in their XXL, now down to an XL but they had very good support in their toddler shoes and their boys sizes also. That is all we buy at this point.
Joshua couldn't wear the name brand ones because his feet were too small and thin and would move around too much inside. We went with Wal-Mart brand because they hugged his feet and even though they don't come with much of an arch, the soles are spongey and form to his own arches quickly. Once they have formed too, they stay; where another boy can't wear them because they are too uncomfortable for them.

We are having a terrible time finding our little grandson (2 1/2) shoes. He wears the little ankle braces and you have to have them so wide to get the braces in the shoe. They also have to lace up to make them work. I really hope someone has dealt with this and can give me some suggestions. Only pair he has right now that fit are a pair of New Balance 9 XW. Seems NB run wider than most to me. Thank you for any help.
Jessica, I hope lots of people with more experience than me can answer and help you.
My son has wide, flat feet ... he was wearing DAFOs daily before we knew about the DMD, and we always resorted to the Stride Rite store (as the less expensive shoes from Target, etc. were never wide enough). We've not been in daily braces for a year and a half at this point, and I swear by the Geoxx brand ... they fit great, are wide-fitting, and provide great arch and ankle support.

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