Okay so Brody, my 4 year old, is in the "because why" stage. I don't think that I have ever answered so many "because why" questions in my life and of course about 90% of them really don't have an answer. "Why are you wearing that bracelet?", because I like it, "Why do you like it?" because it is pretty, "Why is it pretty?", because I think it is, "why do you think it is?", because I am insane with all of your "why" questions. And isn't is funny that at the end of the discussion although my mind is insane, my heart is warmed over with the love I feel for my amazing son. I just don't think "normal" people (hahaha!) really could love their boys and children the way we do. Have a great day!

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That is so cute, thanks for sharing!!! We all do have such amazing boys :-).
i had to laugh because my son is 16 now and still asks why why why, from the age he could talk up untill now it is still why? so now when he asks i say because i am the mom and i say so, so funny
My eldest, non-DMD son has done the same thing. One day when he was 4, I responded one time with "because I said so," and he promptly replied, "Don't tell me that, tell me why?" It was so hard to not giggle at that adorable, but serious face. So I stopped what I was doing and took the time to explain as best I could. It definitely made him happy =)

By the way, I find that if you do your explanation and then finish with "and that is why!" usually seems to take the air out of the never ending why's syndrome. Of course, I try to only use it when I am just not up for an endless rounds of why's ;-)

Just wanted to say hello because you weren't at the conference. I've brought my husband to the last two and you're one of the folks I've most wanted him to meet. We met in Cincy in 2006. My son Nick had DMD. You'd just learned that you'd miscarried during the conference, and I was so excited to follow your next journey with Bryce online.

Hopefully Nick will be beginning the PTC 124 2a extension this fall, which will mean a bazillion trips to Cincinnati. Don't know if you're back to work (I suck at the latest tech advances) but would love to see you and touch base!

You are awesome!!
Gretchen Egner
Mukwonago, WI

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