Our PT saw Danny last week (age 6) and suggested that when we stretch him to put on his knee immobilizers. this way he cannot bend at the knee when stretching and it provides for an awesome stretch without all the wiggles and needing that third hand to support the knee and lift the leg and keep the hip in alignment. We have been doing this for almost one week and we saw her again today and she said she can tell a big difference in how he feels when being stretched.
we got the knee immobilizers from sammons preston at her request a couple of months back to have him where for a half hour a day with his night splints while he watches TV. he sits with his back straight against the couch and this provides a long hamstring stretch. just wanted to share!

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In Canada it's called The Chair You Wear, if anyone is interested. www.thechairyouwear.ca

 Keith Van Houten said:

Deanne, got it online @ http://www.nadachair.com/

I believe it's the sportbacker model. It has optional "stretch straps", but for kids this size you don't need them.
Thanks, Andrea

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for sharing! Just a question: you put him his knee immobilizers together with his night splints?

Stretching is amazing. My husband found it very useful. he used to practice stretching and he found it very helpful. For anybody who has similar issues he/she should look into it more careful!

Thanks... I had been trying different techniques to help stretch my son out

Good night my dear friend, thanks for sharing such useful advice, my son is 7 years and 6 months, and is 110 centimeters tall, his legs are about 45 centimeters, we live in Guatemala, and would be grateful if I could indicate some link providers where to acquire these tools, so they can help my son like yours, will stay pending their news.

Blessings to yourself and family.

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