My son Dusty (15, DMD) and I were at the conference working on a film project together. The film is an assemblage of DMD boys telling jokes. It has the working title "It Ain't Funny". The topic is not really Duchenne but the spirit of the boys who deal with it.
We filmed several boys but do not yet have enough material for the film.
I am seeking footage of your son telling a joke.
Actually it would be good if the joke was repeated and filmed from two different camera angles (perhaps one tight shot focussing on face).
Please - film in a a quiet place with a boring background and some support for the camera. We have NO interest in anyone else in the family (don't take this the wrong way!)

I will donate $250 to PPMD for each video submitted. Dusty can work with DV tape or MP4 or Quicktime (best quality) on a CD or DVD.

Thank you.

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How do we get this to you?
Neil and Dusty Brandom
1415 High Bluff Drive,
Newport Beach CA 92660 USA
:) :)

By the way, has everyone clicked on the link. Wow! Those photos are so cool.
Do you have a deadline??
A few weeks or until I run out of money!

Rhiannon Traigle said:
Do you have a deadline??

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