Does anyone have any ideas on making our home accessible and how to afford it? Is there any assistance out there to help? We have been trying to remodel our home for over six years now and glad we waited since our son was just diagnosed February 2007. But the money we have is not enough since material costs have tripled since then and we not sure if it is better to move or what? I would love any advice and suggestions and would like to have the resources available to share with others this information.

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There is another thread here you can review...
Hi Kari,

There are a lot of factors to weigh when considering building vs remodeling vs purchasing new home to accomodate Jared's needs. I have an ADA booklet of guidelines, granted it is a couple of years old already. But, you are welcome to it or can get one of your own by contacting the ADA. Your review of what to do ultamately depends on cost and therefore might want to have someone come into your existing home to see what can be done that doesn't cost a lot. There are a lot of ADA interior designers in your area, interior design was my field before my sons were born. Feel free to ask if you have specific issues needing attention.


A portion of what you spend can be tax deductible as well. For most people, it's the only way in which medical expenses become tax deductible, though with this disease and the need for many parents to travel, spend money on supplements, and remodel their homes, the 7.5% floor on deductibility might be achievable.

Something else to consider is that if you sell your house, you'll spend about 8% of the value in closing costs, like escrow, title and real estate commissions. Plus moving itself is expensive.
Hello Kari-
Since I am from Canada the info that we used would not be applicable to you in the USA. But I do suggest that you address the needs as they arise and not get too caught up in doing everything you may anticipate for your sons needs all at once as things change as you go along. mainly equipment and the overall needs that your son will have. Matching these to finacial resources can be stressful but service clubs can sometimes be a huge help. i.e. Lion 'sClub etc..

Many things are neede to facilitate a lifting mechanism, either track lift system of hydralic system which is portable. My son was very slight until later in his teen years but this lifting manually took it's toll on my body. I did not have a particlarly helpful ex- husband. Now that Curtis is 31 years old, living on his own with 24/7 care giver staff, we were able to purchase him an apartment and modify this for his accessibilty needs. He was eligible for a "grant " from our provincial goverment for this purpose. We still had to maximize the modifications to get the best dollar value out of the money availbale $16,000.00). One modification which was cost effective for the Bathroom, was raising the tub to allow the legs of his lift to go under the tub. He is then able to be lowered into the tub with his sling. it is a "wet" process coming out but works like a hot darn! We used patio door style doors (outgoing) into the hall from the bathroom to give us extra access but still maintain the "normal" appearance to his home. Making changes, is stressful financially but the instituational appearance is a stress too. With Interior Design experience we were able maintain the goals for the "whole" package...

Investing in a good portable ramp system is invaluable. Works well in home use as well as general access in the community. we purchased Curt's set used at a fair price. This aluminium ramp has a handle and it folds in the center (long ways) so it is easy to slide in the back of his van. certainly takes the obstacles and frustrations out of many situations...

Regards, Robyn
Hello Kari,
I might have info for that may help. I came across a web site called its a list of all govornment grants available. Theres a 10 min questionaire to fill out and they will tell you what grants you qualify for. I live in montana and we have a habitat for humanity where you can go to get discounted materials for all sorts of things. Its all based on donation. If you let them know your situation they possibly could give you a bigger break on materials. I hope this helps.
Well we did it, we sold our home and now are looking to buy a bigger one. So, then we will just make the accessible doors when the time is right. It just was not affordable for us to remodel the way we wanted and this direction finally fell into place. Our 2+1 sold in a week and only 1 day after our open house. So, now it is just waiting for the right home and prices to drop a little bit more.

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