I think I know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyhow. This weekend, Sam has been running around almost non-stop. We're currently out of town visiting family. He came down the stairs about an hour ago and his right calf was extremely swollen. It's quite noticably bigger then the other one and hard as a rock. He also says it hurts. When he was walking, he was having trouble getting his heel down on the ground. The whole leg is pretty tight. I'm assuming this is from overuse. The only concern I really have with this is that it's on the same leg that he hurt the foot a month ago at the school playground. I never have taken him to the doctor for that because he stopped limping and wasn't complaining about it. I was back to being able to stretch him as normal. Now I'm thinking I may need to have it checked out since only this leg seems to have reacted to all the activity. I'll also add that this has never happened before, and Sam has had some very active times.

Has anyone experienced this before? Especially with just one leg?

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What is a spa bath? Are you referring to the conair thermal spa bath mat or something different?
Yes, the conair thermal spa bath mat is what we use for Joshua.

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