Please comment on dosage and any particular brand for green tea extract. I want to start for my son who is 7.4yrs. Thanks!

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Hi Godbless,

What are you using green tea extract for? Just would like to know to see if it is something my son could use or that would benefit him.

Hi Suzanne

It is a very good anti oxident and some parents are giving already. I don't think anyone can pin point a particular benefit but if you search for green tea benefits on the net, it lists out a bunch. I would love for my son to start drinking green tea, but since he does not like the taste, thinking of giving in an extract form.
I find that green tea gives my son more energy in any form. My son gets nervous when he has too much by the way...
He is almost 11 yrs. (August birthday) and he takes 500 mg. and sometimes he drinks iced green tea w/citrus. He drinks 2 a day now that it's summer. He really enjoys it and I like the energy boost I see.

Could you please share which brand do you use? Where do you buy the extract? How old was your son when he started? Thanks for your post.

I've used alot of different brands. Nature's Made and Nature's Bounty, generics, CVS on and on.
It's really the amount I'd take a look at- I give my son (11) the adult dose.
Are you guys using Juven? I mix it with Glycine 500 mg (crushed and added in). When he doesn't have this 2x dly, there's a noticeable difference in him. Takes a couple of weeks to 'kick in', but it's well worth it. I find it gives more energy than the green tea, although I wouldn't eliminate the green tea. I take green tea myself for energy!
Hope this helps!
On the other site, many were recommending Protandim for an anti-oxidant. We have been giving it to Josh for close to a year now. It contains green tea as well. The ingredient list is Milk Thistle, Bacopa Extract , Ashwagandha, Green Tea Extract, and Turmeric Extract. Dr. Joe McCord is the one involved with the making of the supplement. If you e-mail him with questions, he is very quick to respond. Hope this helps!


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