Ok, let's get the competition going!!!

Team Jack is in first place for fundraising at $3,140 - Anyone wanna compete with that???? Let's get this game going, we only have 2 months to get it done!!!!

Ang :)


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You're way ahead of me. I'm just at $625. But my church is about to get involved, and I have a family reunion coming up. Hoping those will get my total up.


You were supposed to ask this when you were behind, not once you got ahead.... ;-)

Looks like you got a ringer to join your team...already over $2000 with a goal of $10,000? WOW, awesome. To know people who know people in high places. Can you transfer some of that $ over to Team Micah?

On my end, i am worried that my wife and I won't get to $2400...living in SD with this flailing economy is not a good time to raise funds.

Oh well....I am hoping our other team members can pull us through.....

see you at the top!!!

I know, it's a little crazy. . . . our team was cruising along with our $150 - $550 fundraising and then BAM!!! Brenda joined our team. . . she and her husband are amazing and just a wonderful addition to our extended family. Our economy also sucks and it is reflecting in everything we do, so I have been really worried about fundraising this year. Thanks goodness for our good friends!!!

If Brenda keeps up, she might carry the whole Run for Our Sons team! She is really motivated and having a great time fundraising. The last of her 5 kids graduated highschool in May and this is how she is keeping herself busy. I can't complain!!! :)

Ang :)
Thank Brenda for us....

...and get her ideas to us so we can all raise funds like her.
The Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation does some wonderful work, BUT their US program ONLY includes the following:


We invest in a better future for all students in the U.S. We work with partners to strengthen high schools, boost graduation rates, and expand access to college. We also focus on quality early learning in Washington State.

The Pacific Northwest

We join with our neighbors in Washington state and Greater Portland, Oregon, to ensure that struggling children and families get help to build better lives.

U.S. Libraries

We help public libraries in low-income communities ensure they can meet the growing needs of patrons with no other access to computers and the Internet.

We have all tried this one and learned that our kids do not qualify for any of their mission statements, thus they will not even consider helping!


Ang :(
One mom on this community has tried to get the Gates to help DMD. Her best childhood friends mom was Vice President of Microsoft and was unable to get help.

Also, there is another mom on this community who has a son with DMD who works for Microsoft in Washington.

So, not only has someone tried to get the Gates to help with DMD, the Gates also have at least one employee with DMD....and they aren't helping.
We started a team for the RockyRun... not a large team and so far have raised over $3,800...
THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all in three weeks!

Ang :)

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