Hi All,
Well, we were rear-ended yesterday. The damage is minimal (probably just a new bumper), but we are all a bit stiff and sore. I know that I am and I was in the front driving. Seph was in the back in his carseat and must have taken more of a force than I did since he was a mere 3 feet from the impact. He says his back hurts 'worser' and that it feels like a bee sting. Other than that, he is running around like normal and not complaining. I am taking him to be checked out, but am obviously worried (probably overly so..). How long do you think I should wait to do anything with him regarding the insurance? They will pay his medical bills, but I don't want to settle too soo, but being a former claim rep, I don't want to drag this out either.

Any signs I should look for? His back muscles, along side his spine, look a little inflamed (they always are a bit, but seemed more tonight). It just scares me to think that a little thing like this could take time off his walking or even encourage scolosis due to weakening of the spine muscles.

Any thoughts or experiences would help! My guess is I need to not over-react....
Thanks! Lori

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Hi Lori,

Certainly I am no expert but of course it appears he needs medical advice and care straight away. I am fortunate enough to have a fantastic friend who is a nurse and she answers my questions anytime. I know she would be saying have him checked and understand that if he is on steriods they can sometimes mask symptoms, ie...Steph himself doesn't feel injuries or experience illness the same as non steriod takers. Lots of people take steriods but not at the high dosage DMD boys take it. Your MD also needs to understand this about the steriods as well...not all MD's take this into consideration and NOT knowing it makes medical treatment dangerous because physician's can accidently overlook something important. I suspect this maybe contributed to the death of the little lad in Wales, who was under much different circumstances. We must make sure doctors look at our son's entire body, not simply the suspected injury/illness site.

Good luck,
please let us know how it goes and that your son is ok,
I agree with Cheryl. I also think that you should insist that the doctor scans his little back to make sure there is no damage. Besides the steriods masking symptoms, children would rather run around and play than stop and tell you about the pain. I'm probably over-reacting as well but I also believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. I think that you should wait a couple of months after you are positive that Seph is okay before settling with the insurance. I'm suggesting that because you may want to give a little extra time to make sure that he is definitely okay and nothing else beside back pain develops.


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