My friend sent me a link to this site. We are looking for a guest speaker for our event in Australia, but this site is probably more for those looking in the US. It might be of some help to those of you who don't know where to start looking.

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Hi Sharyn. You have a delightful family. I am an Australian currently living in Sydney so can I help in any way? My son Mustafa has DMD, he is 8. I have been withdrawn for a long time so I dont know how useful I am! Lina.
Hi Sharyn
Have you signed up with this website? I went on and had a look and you need to sign up with them. Interested to know if you have as I think it is mostly for celebs in America, could be mistaken. Would love to hear back from you.
Kindest Jo
HI Jo-Anne,

No, I havne't signed up with them. We have been lucky so far in that Julian's network seems pretty well connected and we have managed a few celebrities for some of the charity functions we have organised. Now, with our move to London imminent, we are passing on our organising to some other driven people who have taken on our cause. It looks like we will be organising things for UK in the future, but still being very much involved in Tour Duchenne in Australia (since it is our baby afterall).


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